Foundation holds workshop in Khartoum on constitution-related legislation

The event featured a draft election law, a political-parties law and access to justice legislation.

Within the framework of the project Constitutional Reform in Sudan, the Max Planck Foundation’s last workshop in 2022 took place in Khartoum from 10-13 November 2022. It gathered key players in the constitutional process from all across the political spectrum. With continued support by the German Federal Foreign Office, it is part of the Foundation’s agreed Sudan activities to provide legal assistance in drafting essential legislation related to the constitutional process. As requested by its Sudanese counterparts, the Foundation provided international law-based comments on existing draft models of a Political Parties Act, on a draft Elections Act, as well as on draft legislation concerning Access to Courts. The Foundation stands in the tradition of international comparative law and focuses its comments on international human rights and rule of law standards, such as, inter alia, on the freedom of assembly, opinion and speech; free and fair elections; fair trial, and access to justice. Following every event, the Foundation assesses all comments provided by participants and takes them into account in the process of improving and fine-tuning the existing draft laws.