The Foundation Conducts Seminar for Students in Public Law at the University of Bamako

On 29 November 2022, the Foundation conducted a seminar for law students at the University of Bamako on the topic of referrals before the constitutional judge. The theme of the lecture was chosen at the behest of the students who attended the first seminar conducted by the Max Planck Foundation in July 2022. The seminar took the form of an interactive dialogue with 40 students in attendance who took an active part in the discussions.

The seminar provided an opportunity for the students to assess the status quo regarding access to constitutional justice in Mali through a comparative perspective provided for by the Max Planck experts. Based on these comparative examples, the students were able to think ahead and propose solutions in a bid to raise awareness among Malian citizens on the existence of an indirect access procedure before the Constitutional Court of Mali – should such a procedure be introduced in the near future and thus strengthen the protection of fundamental rights in the country.

The students expressed their satisfaction regarding the content and format of the seminar and formulated their wish to attend similar lectures in the future. The seminar took place as part of a lecture series with the Faculty of Public Law at the University of Bamako under the Foundation Project “Support to the Transitional Process in Mali” which is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.