Foundation launches new publication focusing on the Maldives

The publication contains indicators and various tools to measure the state of access to justice.

Under the scope of its previous project in the Maldives, the Max Planck Foundation commissioned the compilation of a comprehensive tool targeted towards civil society organisations.

Focused on access to the criminal justice system, this tool may be used both to evaluate the success of current access to justice initiatives and to assist in designing interventions aimed at advancing access to justice in the future. It was launched at an online event on 29 January 2024. The event was attended by members of civil society, individuals working in the international development sector and Maldivian legal professionals. At this launch, the Maldivian Consultant who drafted the tool explained the methodology used to create it and how it might be operationalised.

Additionally, the Foundation launched a complementary online course focused on an introduction to monitoring and evaluation. This, it is hoped, will provide useful background knowledge to people less familiar with this topic who wish to enhance the effectiveness of projects to increase access to justice. Crucially, it also contextualises the Foundation’s publication within the broader theme of monitoring and evaluation of rule of law and access to justice projects.

The tool as published is available on the pertinent project page and here. Individuals interested in the online course and want to register are invited to get in touch with the Foundation by email at .

This publication is part of the Foundation’s previous Stabilising the Rule of Law by Supporting the Reform Agenda of the Republic of Maldives’ project which was funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.