Strengthening Legislative Drafting in Pakistan

In 2010, the Parliament of Pakistan passed the 18th Amendment to the Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This amendment deleted the concurrent legislative list from the Constitution and amounted to a significant devolution of legislative authority from the Federal Parliament to the Provincial Assemblies. The amendment created both new opportunities for Provincial law-making and increased fragmentation in the law as different legislative authorities enacted different laws for their jurisdictions.

The Foundation is implementing a project which aims to contribute towards the quality and efficacy of legislation, at both the national and provincial level, in Pakistan. The project intends to equip Pakistani legislative drafters, from both the Federal and Provincial legislatures, and Members of Parliament with state-of-the-art legislative drafting techniques.

Legislative drafting workshops conducted with Parliamentarians and national and provincial legislative drafters will contribute to the development of their skills in the field of legislative drafting, and facilitate crucial dialogues between the actors performing different roles in the legislative process, in different jurisdictions. This will enhance knowledge-transfer and promote national best practices for law-making. The workshops are intended not only to assist the target groups to capitalise on the new opportunities created by the 18th Amendment, but also strengthen the rule of law more generally.