Cornelia Glinz’s book on Administrative Law and the Rule of Law in Namibia now released

In her publication, Dr. Cornelia Glinz, Senior Research Fellow at the Max Planck Foundation, examines the role of reforms in administrative law in driving constitutional transformation and the consolidation of the rule of law in Namibia

As a practical reflection of constitutional law, administrative law plays a significant role in the transformation of law in the context of political transition and the constitutionalisation process that accompanies this change. The publication, released in German with the title “Verwaltungsrecht und Rechtsstaatlichkeit in Namibia”, focuses on the transition towards constitutional democracy in Namibia and elaborates on efforts to reform Namibian administrative law.

In doing so, the book offers insights into the degree to which national courts have been successful in adjusting administrative law according to constitutional requirements. Furthermore, the author considers the extent to which legal borrowing can contribute to reforming the national legislative framework. To this end, the book discusses reform models in South Africa and Australia.

The publication constitutes part of the broader “Law and Development” scholarship and is particularly addressed to practitioners of development cooperation as well as scholars interested in comparative law.

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