Max Planck Foundation to be Member of the Advisory Board for Civilian Crisis Prevention

The Advisory Board advises the German Federal Government in dealing with violent conflicts with civilian means

The Interministerial Steering Group for Civilian Crisis Prevention of the Federal Government of Germany has accepted the Max Planck Foundation for International Peace and the Rule of Law into the Advisory Board for Civilian Crisis Prevention. The Steering Group coordinates the actions of all federal ministries in the area of crisis prevention and response. Additionally, the Steering Group draws upon the expertise of the 19-member advisory body. The Action plan, created in 2004 and entitled “Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding,” established the basic foundation and guiding principles of civilian crisis prevention and response. The Interministerial Steering Group and the Advisory Board work together with the “Civilian Crisis Prevention, Conflict Resolution and Networked Action” subcommittee of the German Bundestag (Federal Parliament).

The members of the Advisory Committee, established in 2005, come from the fields of science, security policy and political consulting, development policy, human rights and humanitarian issues, environmental issues, churches, and economic and political foundations, or are individuals with special crisis prevention expertise.

As per the suggestion of the Foreign Office, Dr. Tilmann Röder will be representing the Foundation.