The Somali Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission Visits the Max Planck Foundation in Heidelberg

The Commission is supported in developing its internal structures and the identification of review priorities during a two-day working visit

From 14–15 September 2015, the Max Planck Foundation organised a working visit for members of the Somali Independent Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission. The visit follows a series of substantive discussions in Mogadishu and Nairobi on the Commission’s needs and priorities.

The Sub-Saharan Africa team in Heidelberg used this valuable opportunity to support the Commission in finalising documents related to its internal organisation. The team also delivered presentations and advice on key legal and technical issues identified by the Foundation in two chapters of the Provisional Constitution. These discussions on the contents of the Provisional Constitution were organised with a view to enhancing the Commission’s capacity to identify and articulate its own review priorities. The Commission found the face-to-face meetings valuable and welcomed the momentum created by its visit.

The Commission’s visit to Heidelberg comes at an opportune moment as efforts are underway by the Somali review bodies to agree on a common position on the constitutional review priorities. In light of the fast approaching timeline for finalising the constitutional review, the Foundation is privileged to directly work with the Commission and to support its progress in the delivery of its constitutional mandate.