Two Workshops for the Support Staff of the Constitutional Court of Jordan

The Foundation provided training to two different groups of administrative and technical legal support staff in fields of relevance to them

On 7 and 8 October 2015, two research fellows of the Foundation delivered capacity building workshops to members of the support staff of the Constitutional Court of Jordan. The two workshops are part of a wider project to assist the Jordanian Constitutional Court, which has been established in 2012, through capacity building in international and comparative legal matters of significance to the honourable Judges and their staff. All components of this project are funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.

Participants of the first workshop included the personal assistants of several Constitutional Court Judges and employees from the Departments of Public Relations, Finances, Technical Services and the Court’s Archive. Topics covered in the course of the workshop ranged from the importance of constitutional law and constitutional courts in general, to comparative models of constitutional court administration and internal and external communication.

The second workshop was delivered to personal assistants of Constitutional Court Judges, legal researchers, translators, and directors from the Departments of Public Relations, Information Technology (IT), Finances, Human Resources, General Administration, and the Library. The presentations and group work not only focused on legal resources for constitutional courts, but were also dedicated to Public Relations and Information, as well as the concept of “constitutional culture”. Furthermore, the workshop targeted the problem of credibility and legitimacy of the Court, which is a relatively new institution in Jordan.

Both workshops benefitted greatly from the valuable contributions of the very active and engaged audience, which transformed the seminars into an opportunity, for both presenters and participants, to learn from each other’s experience.