Final Workshop for an Inclusive Group of Sudanese Stakeholders

Max Planck Foundation organises eighth capacity building workshop within the project Constitutional Support in Sudan

In the week of 9 May 2016 the Max Planck Foundation invited in Khartoum for its final three-day workshop on “Strengthening Justice and the Rule of Law: The Design of the Judiciary and its Role in Enforcing the Constitution”. For the workshop, the Max Planck Foundation once more convened an inclusive group of various Sudanese stakeholders and interest group comprised of representatives of the main Sudanese governmental as well as opposition parties and representatives from the regions and from civil society.

The workshop focused on technical aspects of the design and status of the judiciary and its role in protecting the constitution with presentations by international experts on the various different court systems introducing the comparative legal perspective while the presentations by Sudanese experts referred to the Sudanese system, history and experience. By allocating particular sessions solely for discussions, the Max Planck Foundation gave the participants of the workshop the opportunity to discuss the matters of great significance within the current national discussions relating to a future constitutional order in a neutral forum and across party political lines.

Beside the capacity building aspect, the workshop also pursued the objective of strengthening the communication and trust building among the representatives of the various interest groups and their commitment to a peaceful and inclusive constitutional process.