First Seminar for Pakistani Islamic Scholars

Legal seminar for Pakistani ulama

The Max Planck Foundation conducted a seminar from 25 July to 5 August 2016 for Pakistani Islamic scholars, known as ulama, on international and constitutional law. The seminar aims to strengthen the participants’ expertise in international and constitutional law through collaborative learning that adopts an interdisciplinary approach.

Max Planck Research fellows and experts from the International Islamic University, Professor Muhammad Munir and Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq, addressed public international law topics. Renowned Supreme Court lawyer, Hamid Khan, and Dr. Aziz-ur-Rehman of the International Islamic University taught international constitutional law topics. The seminar was structured in an interactive format to facilitate collaborative learning.

The seminar is part of a programme aimed at the legal education of Pakistani ulama (2015 to 2016). The participants will now undertake academic research on a topic emanating from the seminar. They will present their research paper at research seminars of this programme.