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The Max Planck Foundation hosts an online discussion on litigating for the rights of Afghan women and girls

The speakers discussed the mobilisation of international human rights law to address the situation of [...]

Foundation conducts stakeholder meetings in Dushanbe

Visiting staff laid the groundwork for future cooperation with key state agencies of the Republic [...]

The Foundation convened a workshop on applying “A Human Rights-Based Approach to Judicial Decision-Making” in Ukulhas, the Maldives.

Between 8-9 May 2024, Judges from the Magistrate Courts attended the second out of three [...]

Foundation concludes workshop for lawyers from the Northern Province of Sri Lanka

Organised in Jaffna from 03 – 05 May 2024, the workshop explored human rights and [...]

The Foundation convened a workshop for Judges from the District Courts and Magistrate Courts in Sri Lanka

Judges from the District Courts and Magistrate Courts attended a workshop on “A Rights-Based Approach [...]

Foundation concludes second workshop for members of the Bar Council of the Maldives, in Malé – 23-25 April 2024

The workshop brought together thirty lawyers to discuss fair trial rights, evidence and criminal procedure. [...]

Webinar on the (non-)recognition of Taliban rule in Afghanistan

The speakers explored state practice and trends in the recognition of governments The latest webinar [...]

Webinar focusing on gender-based-violence (GBV) against women and girls in Afghanistan

This month’s guest speakers discussed the handling of GBV cases under the Islamic Republic and [...]

Foundation delivered the first workshop on “Applying a Human Rights-Based Approach to Judicial Decision-making” Addu City, Maldives

Between 18-19 February 2024, 20 Magistrate Court Judges from Gnaviyani Atoll, Laamu Atoll, Gaafu Alifu [...]

Foundation implements third and final workshop on economic, social and cultural rights of Sri Lanka

The Max Planck Foundation facilitated the third and final workshop for officers of the Human [...]