Presentation on the Role of the Legislature

The Foundation supports the opening of the new session of the Legislative Assembly of Galmudug, Somalia

On 29 August 2020, the Max Planck Foundation delivered a presentation on the role of the legislature in front of the full plenary of the 65 members of the Legislative Assembly of Galmudug, Somalia.

The presentation was organised upon the invitation of the Speaker of the Galmudug Legislative Assembly, the Honourable Mohamed Nur Ga’al. Following the opening ceremony of the new session of the Legislative Assembly on 27 August, the presentation aimed at enhancing the understanding of newly elected members of their role and functions within the state government of Galmudug State. All 65 members of the  Galmudug Legislative Assembly were in attendance. The presentation explained the role of the legislature according to modern systems of separation of powers from a comparative legal perspective. It first outlined the main aspects of the key function of law-making, then proceeded to present the representative function of legislatures outlining the constituency work of elected members, before focusing on the function of the legislature in holding the executive accountable and providing checks and balances within the government system.

This forms part of the Foundation’s activities to support members of parliament on the federal and state level in Somalia to get acquainted with their role and functions as legislature in the new governance system of the Federal Republic of Somalia. These activities fall under the framework of the EU-funded project “Legal Capacity Building and Technical Support for the Somali Federal Parliament”.