Discussions took place on a potential partnership with the Korean Women’s Development Institute and the Foundation

The initial virtual meeting was held by both organisations to discuss cooperation possibilities

A dialogue between the Korean Women’s Development Institute (KWDI) and the Max Planck Foundation took place on 27 August 2020 to revive the partnership and seek opportunities to cooperate between the two non-profit organisations in the future. The KWDI has already cooperated with the Foundation in 2016 supporting a project in Cambodia entitled “Awareness Raising and Capacity Building on International Treaty Obligations in Cambodia with a Specific Focus on Human Rights”. The recent talks aim to refresh this partnership focusing on projects with the Foundation’s Asia team.

Both organisations gave a brief overview of their current work and objectives, followed by updates on current activities and the specific challenges the organisations face due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Towards the end of the meeting, plans for a possible cooperation were discussed, including possible joint research projects with academic staff from the two organisations with special emphasis on human rights and other topics of mutual interest.