New project in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the Network for Building Peace

Call for participation launched with the aim to create a strategic platform and bring together different stakeholders working on peace and reconciliation

In October 2018, the Max Planck Foundation commenced its activities in Bosnia and Herzegovina with the goal to create a strategic approach to transitional justice and reconciliation. The initiative showed again that 25 years after the Dayton Peace Agreement, Bosnia and Herzegovina remains a divided country, and reconciliation between its different peoples and groups seems far away.

This first initiative ended in December 2019; however, the Foundation recently started a new project. In this project, the Foundation together with its partner, the Network for Building Peace, initiated a call for participation to get civil society organisations together so that they talk to each other about how to break their isolation and be stronger together. Invited are civil society groups dedicated to peace and equality to engage in a strategic dialogue about a better future without hatred and ethnic division in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The call appeals especially to youth organisations, because it is the young people of Bosnia and Herzegovina who will make the future of this country, both by leaving or by staying, by living in conflict and division, or by living in peace and prosperity.

The call can be found here. This forms part of the project entitled “Strategic Approach to Future and Youth-Oriented Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina” funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.