Professor Rüdiger Wolfrum becomes an Honorary Director of the Foundation

The Max Planck Society awarded the position to acknowledge his outstanding achievements and tireless efforts in the field of the rule of law

On 13 September 2021, Professor Wolfrum became an Honorary Director of the Max Planck Foundation, announced by Professor Martin Stratmann, President of the Max Planck Society, during an award ceremony in Munich, Germany.

The Max Planck Society, the sole shareholder of the Foundation, closely monitors the Foundation’s work since its creation in 2013. The Foundation’s use of “applied research” to render assistance in constitutional reform processes, capacity building activities, and technical legal consultations to partner countries is an extremely valuable contribution to support international principles of tolerance and understanding among nations. Professor Wolfrum played a key role in the establishment of the Foundation which dates back almost 20 years thanks to his efforts specifically, his work assisting in the drafting of a peace agreement between the Sudanese Government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) in 2002. From 2002 onwards, Professor Wolfrum led the “Global Knowledge Transfer” Group at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law and then, from 2013, the Foundation as Managing Director. While Professor Wolfrum remains actively engaged in the Foundation’s work, heading projects in Sudan and Morocco, and lending his expertise to projects in Chile and the substantive area of law of the sea, he decided to step down from his duties as Managing Director at the end of 2020.

In acknowledgement of these outstanding achievements and tireless efforts, the Max Planck Society awarded Professor Wolfrum the position of “Honorary Director” (Ehrendirektor) of the Foundation. This position is awarded in recognition of his invaluable contributions to fostering peace and strengthening the rule of law globally throughout his life, as well as his academic contributions in the fields of Public International Law, Human Rights, and Comparative Constitutional Law.

This position also further reflects the professor’s continued affiliation with the Foundation. This award is fully endorsed by the Foundation’s Board of Directors and the Scientific and Development Policy Advisory Committee.

The President and Vice-President of the Max Planck Society and Sir Michael Wood, Chairperson of the Foundation’s Scientific & Development Policy Advisory Committee personally congratulated Professor Wolfrum at an award ceremony at the Society’s Headquarters in Munich attended by the Foundation’s Managing Directors and select guests. It was also streamed live to the Foundation’s staff in Heidelberg.