Media and advocacy training workshop held in Jajce

The workshop continued an ongoing series of trainings for the benefit of civil society activists in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

From 12 to 14 November, the Max Planck Foundation conducted an intensive training workshop in the historic city of Jajce with young professionals and student activists from across Bosnia and Herzegovina. The event was specifically tailored to provide essential skills for campaigning and advocacy in the Bosnian context and included interactive sessions on strategic planning, communication and funding.

Over the course of three days, young activists with exceptionally strong track records in non-governmental organisations developed joint strategies for administrative reform. Experts were invited to provide in-depth technical training in matters of planning and approach with a particular emphasis on impact amplification through the use of visual communication and social media.

Participants identified widely shared grievances with bureaucratic inefficiency and corruption, and explored avenues to channel public dissatisfaction with the delivery of state services into constructive engagement.

Strategic advocacy in areas of common concern offers a means to foster greater unity across ethno-political divides with mutually beneficial outcomes as well as a greater stake in the state and its delivery of public services.

The proceedings were part of the project Strategic Approach to Future and Youth-Oriented Reconciliation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.