The Max Planck Foundation convenes a high-level Seminar with the Constitutional Court of Jordan on the Interpretation of Constitutional Provisions

Foundation experts convened a seminar with members of the Constitutional Court of Jordan on the interpretation of Constitutional Provisions as one of the key competences of the Court

On 25 November 2021, the Max Planck Foundation held a high-level seminar with Members of the Constitutional Court of Jordan at the Constitutional Court in Amman, on the interpretation of constitutional provisions by the Constitutional Court as one of its key competences.

The workshop was formally inaugurated by the Deputy President of the Constitutional Court of Jordan, Judge Fayez al-Hamarneh, and the Head of Project at the Max Planck Foundation.

Research Fellows of the Max Planck Foundation provided technical content on the essential principles for interpreting constitutional provisions in order to enhance interpretative coherence for the legal and judicial system and state institutions, as well as the potential for this to enhance legal certainty. Discussions included the use of interpretative methods such as the balancing of rights and its utility as a tool for constitutional interpretation and the overall effects of the interpretations of the Constitutional Court on the legal, judicial and political system and institutions.

The seminar is part of of the Max Planck Foundation’s project on Strengthening Legislative Compliance and Constitutional Interpretation in Jordan: for Judges of the Ordinary Courts, the Constitutional Court and the Bureau of Legislation and Opinion, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.

The component aims to strengthen the implementation of the Constitution by enhancing the understanding of members of the Court on fundamental principles of Constitutional law and the jurisprudence of constitutional courts from a comparative perspective.