Foundation delivers workshops on ‘Minutes and Record Taking for Parliamentary Support Staff’

Workshop Series for Parliamentary Support Staff in Somalia continues.

The training of parliamentary support staff of the Somali Legislative Assemblies under the German Federal Foreign Office funded project ‘Capacity Building and Legal Advice for the Federal Member State Legislative Assemblies in Somaliacontinued with a workshop on the topic ‘Minutes and Record Taking for Parliamentary Support Staff’.

The workshop emphasised the importance of minutes and record-taking practices for maintaining a legislative body’s institutional sustainability and capacity. The training addressed the issues of producing, processing, publishing, and preserving parliamentary documents and ensuring transparency and public access to the parliamentary papers while bearing in mind the duty to keep sensitive parliamentary records confidential. A practical exercise allowed the participants to analyse the relevant rules of procedure of their respective State Assembly from a comparative perspective and to critically assess the regulations in respect of minutes and record-taking and the confidential handling of parliamentary documents. The participants identified international best practices, and engaged in discussions to propose further improvements to the legislative framework.

The workshop was held by the Max Planck Foundation for the parliamentary support staff of the five Somali Federal Member State Legislative Assemblies, the South-West State Assembly, the Puntland House of Representatives, the State Assembly of Galmudug, the State Assembly of Hirshabelle and the State Assembly of Jubaland on the following dates: on 8 July 2023, on 12 July 2023, on 22 July 2023, on 25 July 2023 and on 7 August 2023.