Meeting with the Parliamentary Legislative Department of the Iraqi Parliament in Baghdad

After the successful implementation of the first workshop in the framework of the GFFO-funded project titled “Democratising the legislative process in Iraq”, a delegation from the Max Planck Foundation met with the General Director of the Parliamentary Legislative Department (PLD) of the Iraqi Parliament, Dr Mohammed Qassim Al Mayahi, and the Heads of the Technical Support, Legislative Drafting, and Legislative Impact Assessment Divisions, to discuss the next steps in the project implementation. The discussion focused on the need to enhance dialogue between the PLD and the Max Planck Foundation and to facilitate direct exchanges with seasoned legislative drafters and practitioners from different parliaments. Amid the scarcity of comparative literature on legislative drafting in Arabic, the PLD will be able to benefit from the comparative studies in that language, which are to be produced by the Max Planck team on different aspects of legislative drafting. The possibility of conducting a study visit with the PLD leadership to the German Bundestag was also raised. Dr Al Mayahi welcomed the seriousness of the Max Planck Foundation’s approach and its commitment to ensuring a beneficial and constructive cooperative relation with the PLD.

Project activities are set to continue until late 2025. The project is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.