Roundtable on ‘International Treaty Law and Human Rights’ in Cambodia

The Foundation organises in cooperation with the Korea International Cooperation Agency and the Parliament of Cambodia a roundtable with parliamentarians and international experts

From 7 to 8 December 2016, the Max Planck Foundation conducted a high-level roundtable conference on international treaty obligations in cooperation with the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Parliament of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The roundtable provided a platform for discussion amongst parliamentarians on the role of the Cambodian Parliament including prospects and challenges in the execution of their mandates. As the final project activity within the context of this one-year project, it also served as a means of stocktaking with regard to all project activities.

Within four panel sessions, 20 Members of Parliament as well as external experts provided international and national perspectives on the substance and implementation of economic, social and cultural rights that had been the focus areas of previous trainings conducted by the Foundation with parliamentary staff members from the Senate and the National Assembly. In particular, the sessions comprised specific presentations on vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, including women, children, and persons with disabilities, followed by plenary discussions between parliamentarians and panellists.

International expertise on the panels was provided by Professor Rüdiger Wolfrum, Managing Director of the Foundation, as well as Dr Daniel Heilmann as former legal advisor to the Senate of the Kingdom of Cambodia. The presentations were well-received by all participants and gave rise to rewarding and open discussions in plenum. Overall, the roundtable was considered a valuable opportunity to address important aspects with regard to the implementation of the rights in question and to identify best practices in relation thereto. All project partners expressed their desire to continue and expand the cooperation in the future.