Assessing Progress in the Implementation of Zimbabwe’s New Constitution

New publication edited by Prof. Dr. Oliver C. Ruppel, Dr. Kathrin M. Scherr and Alexander D. Berndt

The challenge of constitutional alignment, the role of the civil and security services in constitutional democracies, and the role of institutions – the recent publication, Vol. 32 within the Nomos’ series “Law and Constitution in Africa”, reflects on some of the opportunities and challenges of the new Zimbabwean Constitution and aims to foster an open intellectual and legal dialogue on the progress of its implementation.

As an outflow of a conference organised by the Max Planck Foundation in Harare in March 2015, national and international policy-makers, members of the judiciary and constitutional law experts contributed to the publication.

For more information on the website of the publisher, including access to the publication’s table of contents and reading samples follow this link.