Max Planck Foundation Participates in International Maritime Conference

Navy officials from over 50 countries and representatives from international organisations attended the Galle Dialogue 2018.

From 21 to 22 October 2018, the Foundation participated in the ninth annual Galle Dialogue in Colombo, Sri Lanka, organised by the Sri Lankan Navy and Ministry of Defence. Participants included navy officials from over 50 countries, academics and other stakeholders.

The event provided a forum for Indian Ocean littoral and extra-regional States to share their maritime vision, address common concerns and develop oceans management, as well as their understanding of each other. The Galle Dialogue 2018 concentrated on ‘Synergising for Collaborative Maritime Management’.

At the Inaugural Session, Sri Lankan President HE Maithripala Sirisena emphasised Sri Lanka’s ambition to be a naval hub in the region. Then the panel sessions addressed country perspectives, and matters relating to maritime governance, including the role of the International Maritime Organisation and implementation of international law. Collaborative management was also considered, as well as the role of the navy in humanitarian assistance and disaster relief and the blue economy. During the final session, the need to develop maritime domain awareness in the Indian Ocean was emphasised.

The next Galle Dialogue will take place in Sri Lanka in 2019. The Max Planck Foundation continues to support this important platform.