Supporting the Publication of Laws in South Sudan

11 Laws of South Sudan (re-) published on behalf of the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs

Upon the request of the late, former Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Hon. Paulino Wanawila Unango, the Max Planck Foundation provided technical assistance to the Ministry to re-publish certain laws of South Sudan that had gone out of print, and to publish other laws, which had up to this point not yet been published. The wide availability of printed laws is essential for strengthening the rule of law in any country, especially because it delivers important reference materials to rule of law stakeholders in the country.

Consequently, working in close consultation with the Directorate of Legislation and Gazetting of the Ministry, the Foundation provided technical assistance to the Ministry for the printing of 500 copies of each of the following laws: Civil Service Act, 2011; Local Government Act, 2009; Pension Fund Act, 2012; Media Authority Act, 2013; Workers Trade Unions Act, 2013; General Education Act, 2012; Non-Governmental Organisations Act, 2016; Higher Education Act, 2012; Relief and Rehabilitation Commission Act, 2016; Child Act, 2008; and the Broadcasting Corporation Act, 2013.

In providing this technical assistance, hard copies of the eleven laws were collected from the Ministry and converted into an editable format in preparation for publication. Additionally, upon request from the Ministry, the laws were reviewed in line with legislative drafting standards. A report of issues identified was delivered to officials of the Directorate of Legislation and Gazetting, following which the laws went to print.

While delivery of these laws to South Sudan has been delayed due to restricted air traffic in view of the current COVID-19 pandemic worldwide, the Max Planck Foundation will continue to work closely with the Directorate of Legislation and Gazetting of the Ministry of Justice of South Sudan in publishing additional laws for South Sudan.

The printing of legislation of South Sudan was completed with the generous financial support of the European Union within the framework of the project Strengthening the Rule of Law in South Sudan.