The Foundation launches a new project in Jordan

The project aims to enhance the capacity of legal and judicial institutions

The project entitled “Strengthening Legislative Compliance and Constitutional Interpretation in Jordan”, builds on the successes – and learns from the challenges – of past projects. It seeks to enhance the capacity of legal and judicial institutions in Jordan with a holistic approach to two key processes: legal drafting and interpretation of laws.

The project will focus on the compliance of laws with the Constitution of Jordan and with international law from the perspective of technical aspects of legislative drafting and judicial interpretation.

In the first component, the Jordan team will work closely with the Bureau for Legislation and Opinion (al-Diwan al-Tashri’ wa’l-Ra’i) to strengthen the legislative drafting capacities of its legal drafters. The objective of this component is to strengthen the compliance of laws in Jordan with the Jordanian Constitution and with ratified international law.

The Foundation will continue its cooperation with members of the Constitutional Court and, additionally, with judges of the ordinary courts in two selected governorates outside Amman, comprising the project’s second and third components, respectively. These components aim to enhance judicial interpretation of laws and the interpretation of laws with international law from a comparative constitutional law perspective.

These activities will be supplemented with the fourth component which will deliver trainings for court clerks and administrative court staff of ordinary courts in two governorates to strengthen and facilitate access to justice.

The project spans two years and is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.