Federalism Training in the South West State of Somalia

Eighth and Final Federalism Training on Policing in Federal Systems

On 24 and 25 October 2020, the Max Planck Foundation held the final federalism training for government officials in the South West State on the topic of Policing in Federal Systems.

The training was the eighth federalism training of the training-of-trainers workshop programme under the German Federal Foreign Office funded project “Capacity Building and Legal Advice on Political Decentralisation and Federalism in Somalia“. It included a presentation on the topic from a comparative perspective, a practical working group assignment, and a plenary discussion. In line with COVID-19 physical distancing measures in the South West State, the participants were divided into two groups, one attending the training on Saturday 24 October and the other on the Sunday.

The federalism training programme from 2019 to 2020 included the following topics:

  • Multi-level Political Party Organisation;
  • Federal Member State Constitutions;
  • Civil Service and Public Administration;
  • International Aid and Cooperation in Federal Systems;
  • Confederal Arrangements from a Comparative Perspective;
  • Establishment of Local Councils and Local Democracy;
  • Organisation of the Education Sector in Federal Systems;
  • Policing in Federal Systems.

The participants appreciated the training and requested additional training on several federalism topics.