Public hearing takes place to discuss legislative initiatives to strengthen social guarantees for vulnerable women in Kyrgyz Republic

Parliamentarians and other stakeholders discuss a set of recommendations

Between April and November 2020, a team of legal experts drafted an analytical report on the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic related to economic and social rights of vulnerable ethnic minority women and developed more than 50 recommendations for national stakeholders in the 5 main areas – education, health care, housing rights, employment, and social services. This formed part of the European Union-funded project “Fighting against discrimination of women from ethnic minorities and ensuring their equal access to public services“.

To promote the recommendations, the project team has organised several working group meetings within the Ministries of Education and Science and Health and Social Development of the Kyrgyz Republic. On 4 June 2021, experts held a public hearing building upon the results of working group discussions. This hearing aimed at promoting and discussing the most relevant recommendations on how to strengthen social guarantees for vulnerable women in the Kyrgyz Republic.

Asylbek Kochkorov, an expert from the project team, presented an initiative on how to increase social benefits for vulnerable women. The presentation covered current constitutional standards and the modalities of their implementation. He addressed different vulnerable groups and their social guarantees as well as presenting a number of recommendations on how to effectively improve the overall situation of vulnerable groups and what changes need to be made to achieve this objective. During the discussion, Natalya Nikitenko, MP, noted that it is necessary to promote the recommendation in Jogorku Kenesh (Kyrgyz Parliament). MP Nurbaev Abdyvahap also shared this view and expressed his readiness to promote the recommendations in the parliamentary social committee.