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Kyrgyz Jarany – the concept of tolerance and ethnic diversity

Two rounds of discussion on social cohesion and civic identity took place in Bishkek In [...]

Public hearing takes place to discuss legislative initiatives to strengthen social guarantees for vulnerable women in Kyrgyz Republic

Parliamentarians and other stakeholders discuss a set of recommendations Between April and November 2020, a [...]

Training on access to public services conducted in Kyrgyzstan

Participants discussed the service state focused on the needs of its citizens From 23 March [...]

Training with public-facing offices of the State Agency for Local Self-Government and Interethnic Relations

Participants focused on management of interethnic relations at a local level in the Kyrgyz Republic [...]

The National Forum of Diasporas in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Women’s rights and access to justice were discussed at the Forum The National Forum of [...]

Social Design Training in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

The training for representatives of the diasporas was delivered in the Chui region On 21-22 [...]

The Foundation conducts online training on economic and social rights of women in Kyrgyzstan

These activities further advance the implementation of the EU-funded project The Max Planck Foundation’s project [...]

Implementation of Foundation’s Kyrgyzstan project continues

The project team presents the main findings of the analytical report to local stakeholders On [...]

The Foundation’s project to promote equal access of ethnic minority women to public services in Kyrgyzstan continues

The project team conducts a three-day training on monitoring, promotion and protection of women’s rights [...]

The Foundation starts implementing a project promoting equal access of ethnic minority women to public services

The project team conducts online trainings on the application of gender-sensitive approaches in provision of [...]