The Foundation held the third Training-of-Trainers workshop

The Max Planck Foundation continued the training of legal advisors for the House of Representatives of the Federal Parliament of Somalia and the Federal Legislative Assemblies of the Somali Federal Member States.

The Training-of-Trainers workshop, conducted in Nairobi, Kenya, from 20 to 25 September 2023, brought together legal advisors for the Federal Parliament and five Federal Member State Legislative Assemblies in Somalia to foster knowledge and experience sharing. The workshop was held within the framework of projects funded by the EU and the German Federal Foreign Office. Martin Stein, from the German Embassy in Nairobi, and Maria Groeneveld from the EU Delegation to Somalia attended the official launching of the workshop.

During the six-day training, participants explored topics related to fiscal federalism, a concept integral to understanding the division of financial responsibilities and resources within federal systems. The training further delved into the intricacies of multi-level election management, illuminating the complexities involved in applying the models of electoral systems and offering participants insights into how these models influence political representation. The workshop provided a review of electoral management bodies, explaining the various models of electoral administration. Moreover, a session reviewed the countries’ experiences ensuring fair representation of women and minorities in elected institutions. The discussions also encompassed matters of administrative staff’s roles in preparing parliamentary reports, orchestrating public outreach campaigns, and supporting female Members of Parliaments in their coordination efforts.

Presentations by the Foundation’s Research Fellows triggered active discussions among the participants and involved an in-depth analysis of each issue, with participants sharing their insights on the pertinence and feasibility of applying these concepts within the Somali context. After each session, participants actively participated in practical exercises. The participants also identified areas where federal and state legislatures might benefit from increased support by and collaboration with the Foundation.