Kyrgyz Jarany – the concept of tolerance and ethnic diversity


Two rounds of discussion on social cohesion and civic identity took place in Bishkek

In July and August 2021, two platforms with inter-departmental working groups and independent experts were conducted in Bishkek to develop the action plan for the implementation of Kyrgyz Jarany, which is a national concept aimed at strengthening a shared civic identity and social cohesion within the multi-ethnic society of Kyrgyzstan. It covers the period from 2021 to 2026.

The action plan is a comprehensive document and its priority areas include enhanced public participation; civic identity and civic awareness; expansion and consolidation of multilingual intercultural education and providing an enabling environment to develop Kyrgyz Jarany to preserve and sustain diversity, increase tolerance and strengthen civil society; increasing the level of collaboration and cooperation between groups of different regional, religious, ethnic and other affiliations through the implementation of joint initiatives and activities; developing national legislation to ensure citizens’ participation in decision-making processes and the creation of equal opportunities in access to resources; increasing representation of ethnic communities in state bodies, judicial and law enforcement agencies, strengthening the rule of law and creating conditions for equal access to justice for all citizens. The final document will be submitted to Government for further consideration and implementation of the planned activities.

These events took place in the framework of the EU-funded project “Fight against discrimination of women from ethnic minorities and ensuring their equal access to public services”.