The Afghanistan Legal Research Network of the Foundation hosts symposium on legal developments in Afghanistan

Afghan scholars explored the interplay between environmental crises and ethnicity on security and governance before and after the 2021 upheavals

On 1 June 2022, the Afghanistan Legal Research Network of the Max Planck Foundation held its fifth symposium where Afghan academics presented their current research on the role of water insecurity in the tactics applied by armed opposition groups as well as on broader power imbalances in Afghanistan.

Farida Razaqi LLM, programme specialist for cultural and international issues at the State University of New York, traced the linkages between water insecurity and the rise of Taliban opposition in agricultural regions of Afghanistan through their targeted exploitation of the former government’s inadequate water infrastructure.

Dr Bashir Mobasher, a postdoctoral fellow at the American University’s Department of Sociology, contributed an empirical examination of power imbalances which arose within the framework of the Constitution of Afghanistan of 2004.

The Afghanistan Legal Research Network serves as a platform for informed and critical debate which hosts academics and practitioners united by a keen interest in the trajectory of legal developments in Afghanistan.

The event was part of the project ‘Afghanistan and the Rule of Law After 2021: Legal and Social Developments’, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.