The Foundation concludes successful coordination trip to Chile

A Foundation delegation travelled to Chile to meet with the Constitutional Convention and other local partners

From 23 – 27 May 2022, the Max Planck Foundation convened meetings with various stakeholders with the aim of supporting the current constitution-making process and advancing the dissemination of accurate information in the lead-up to the plebiscite on the draft constitutional text.

Building on previous support provided to the Constitutional Convention of Chile, the Foundation met with representatives from the Convention’s Harmonisation, Preamble and Transitory Norms Committees. At these meetings, the Foundation representatives presented observations on the approved constitutional norms from a comparative perspective. Moreover, with a particular focus on technical issues such as the codification of the form of state, the delegation suggested means of clarifying gaps in, and systematising these approved norms.

Given the critical role that the public will play in finally approving or rejecting the draft constitutional text, the Foundation views the production and distribution of objective information about the contents of the draft text as a crucial next phase in its work in Chile. To this end, the Foundation delegation met with representatives from the Universidad de Chile and the Instituto Desafíos de la Democracia to discuss avenues for collaboration in the pre-plebiscite phase of the constitution-making process.

Given the timeline of the Constitutional Convention, this trip was one of the Foundation’s final engagements with this formal body. However, as an organisation, the Foundation will continue to support the constitution-making process in Chile as it moves into its final phases.

The meetings formed part of the Foundation’s project entitled ‘Supporting Chile’s Constitution Making Process – Phase II‘, funded by the German Federal Foreign Office.