Trainings for Kyrgyz civil servants on assessing draft laws and their human rights impacts

Two training seminars of three days each were held for Ministry representatives in the Kyrgyz capital and beyond.

Between 24 and 30 June, training sessions were held for various Ministry advisors, including the Ministries of Justice,  Agriculture, Transport, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Education, Digital Development, and Natural Resources to assist them in their scrutiny of draft laws.

In Kyrgyzstan, the formal legislative process subjects each draft law to assessment for its impact on human rights, gender equality, the environment, anti-corruption efforts, and overall legal compliance. The Max Planck Foundation hosted a series of trainings, each day of which addressed one of these issue areas jointly with the Ministry of Justice’s Institute of Rule of Law and Lawmaking to improve the quality of assessments and ensure compliance with relevant international commitments and standards.

Each training day featured contributions by a Foundation research fellow with expertise in Human rights, as well as Kyrgyz experts for an integrated treatment of the applicable legal framework. The sessions featured practice-oriented discussion and the exploration of pathways towards more rigorous assessments.

The proceedings were part of the project Monitoring for Justice – Strengthening Civil Society in Promoting Human Rights in Kyrgyzstan‘, generously supported by the European Union.